Facebook Group

Facebook Group

iPad Artists, Illustrators, Letterers, Digital Planners, and Novices

Have you ever wished you were part of an iPad community where you could ask questions, share resources, and show your digital creations?  Well, I have.  Like, every day!

I created a Facebook group where you can ask any iPad art/design questions, share your work, and post discoveries and resources.  It’s a place to get opinions and advice on iPad drawing, painting, digital planning, etc. from fellow makers and get inspired by digital creations from around the world.

Ready to join?  Click here to sign up and introduce yourself!

What can you share in the group? Anything iPad related!  Hand lettering, illustrations, new apps, processes you like, or even ask for advice.

Who can join? Anyone who likes drawing, painting, lettering, or planning on an iPad (or anyone who may want to do so in the future).  Even if you’ve never picked up an iPad, you can join if you want to see what is possible.

Why join? Working together is a great way to encourage and inspire each other to keep creating.  Sometimes all you need to get inspired is to see someone else’s work or learn a new process.  Join us in inspiring each other!

Questions? Send me a message if you have any questions about the group!

Check out some of the group member’s featured in the group cover above.

Top Row:

Stephanie Power Bergeron

Melissa Knapp

Kate Case

Theodora Gould

Jill Boyett Beamon

Claudette Wooddell

Middle Row:

Mary Harper

Porsche Robey

Maddy Fernandez

Kate Case

Maria Watts

Melissa Little

Mary Harper

Bottom Row:

Patricia White

Jennifer Nichols

Deana Uva

Deborah Jeffrey

Gail Armstrong

Jennifer Nichols

Stephanie Power Bergeron

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