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Digital Planning

Digital Planning

Learn How to Bullet Journal & Make Digital Planners on Your iPad + FREE Planner & Sticker Downloads

Am I the only one obsessed with digital planning right now?  I doubt it because I keep seeing digital planners all over the web!  I want to show you how to make your own planner (or just use mine!) below.

I have finally thrown out my paper planner and moved to 100% digital planning and note taking, and I’ve truly never been more organized.  I want to share my newest planner as a free download, and share my process for creating digital planners with you.

If you’re just getting started and want to design your own planner, I recommend you get Procreate if you don’t already have it.  Procreate has tons of features that allow you to customize your planner in every way.  If you want to learn how to create planner pages in Procreate, check out my bullet journaling class here (if you don’t have a Skillshare membership, you can get a free trial and watch my class for free here):

If you are ready to start designing your own planner and have already done some drawing in Procreate, you can go straight to the advanced class where I cover every step of creating a digital planner from start to finish:

Not ready to create your own planner?  No problem, just use mine! The recycled paper background is perfect for displaying colorful inks and stickers, without straining the eyes like white paper does.

I tend to change my style and color palette often, so I really wanted to have a planner that I could totally change up each month without changing the structure of my planner.  I created this planner to be fully customizable with the colors and stickers that work best for your personal style and mood.

If you want to see some tips for how to download and use the planner, check out this video:

Here is a look at the planner layout:There is a yearly view with clickable links to each month and monthly view for each month of the year.  Every page in the planner has those little white buttons at the bottom that link to the calendar pages, and all the pages below.

I was inspired by James Altucher to start writing down my ideas each day.  No matter how crazy or ridiculous the idea is, I write it down.  Most of the ideas are crap, but sometimes I make an incredible realization about my work or personal life.  I added an ideas page in the planner to inspire me to keep up the practice!

I included some blank writing paper for taking notes or making lists.  The back of the planner has blank pages that you can fill with anything at all.

Ready to start using the planner?  Use the links below to get the planner and pick up some stickers to decorate.



Once you’ve got the planner, you may want to start customizing it with some stickers.  I come out with new stickers every few weeks, so check back or sign up for my monthly mailing list to get all my future stickers as free downloads.

I also created a white digital planner in in case you’re not into the brown paper version.  There are clickable links throughout the planner, and it comes with 7 sections:​

Download the Planner

The next step?  Decorate your planner with text and digital stickers!  I created some free glitter planner stickers that I wanted to share with you all as a free download.  If you’re a fan of the Happier podcast like me, you know that adults need gold stars sometimes too!

Use these stickers in your planner to mark a daily goal, celebrate a milestone, or mark an upcoming event on the calendar.  See how to use them and get the free download below.

Not sure how to use planner stickers?  Check out this video tutorial to learn how:

If you want to learn how to make your own planner stickers + get some free gold and glitter downloads for Procreate, check out my newest class on Gold, Glitter, and Gouache:

When you watch the class, you’ll get 3 glitter downloads and 6 gold downloads, so you’ll have a lot of textures to choose from.

Ready to take this class?  Go to the class page to get started.  If you don’t have a Skillshare membership, you can still watch the class for free and get the free downloable brushes.  Just sign up for a 2 month free trial to get started.  See you there!

Not ready to make your own stickers?  No prob.  You can download mine!

Download the Stickers

*Note: Once the download page opens, right click (computer) or tap and hold (iPad) to save the image.

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