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Free Library of Reference Books for Artists, Illustrators, and Letterers

Free Library of Reference Books for Artists, Illustrators, and Letterers

If you haven’t stumbled upon yet, get ready to lose some time sifting through beautiful old books. is a non-profit with a mission of providing universal access to books, so anyone without access to libraries can still view, print, and share the wealth […]

Create an Illustration Series: From Inspiration to Print

Create an Illustration Series: From Inspiration to Print

In this class, you’ll learn how to plan and create an illustration series from start to finish.  Creating a series is the perfect way to develop a cohesive body of work that shows your unique style to the world in a professional format.  In the class, […]

3 Free Online Resources for Beautiful Color Palettes

3 Free Online Resources for Beautiful Color Palettes

If you’re like me, you spend wayyyy too much time searching for color combinations. I finally broke down and did an exhaustive search in order to narrow down my favorite resources for color palettes so I never have to suffer from lack of good colors again.

I tried all of the color tools I could find, and narrowed it down to three with that best fit my criteria:

1) easy to use

2) minimal or non-existent adds

3) ability to create your own palettes

Below you’ll find 3 easy to use sources that will undoubtably fulfill your wildest color dreams!

Color Hunt

Color Hunt is a super-sleek and easy to use site that allows you to see thousands of color palettes, create your own, and vote on the ones you like best. You can even see the number of votes given to each palette to help you get an idea of what color combinations are popular. The only limitation I can see is that you can only choose four colors, but as a person who has been known to go a LITTLE crazy with color, it’s probably best that I’m limited to only four.

Coolors is another site that allows you to make your own palettes and sift through endless palettes made by users around the world. Just like Color Hunt, you can create your own palettes and other users can see and vote on each other’s combinations. What I love about this site is that it allows you to choose 5 colors, which in my mind allows for a background shade. I’m not crazy about the black site theme on this site because it makes it difficult to see darker colors well on the screen, but I still use this site often to get 5 color combos.

Adobe Color

Adobe Color is an advanced tool that not only lets you create your own palettes, but also helps you understand color relationships. On the left you can choose a color relationship, then adjust the sliders on the color wheel to see different options. Click Explore on the top bar to see a huge selection of user generated color combinations.

Or click Trends to see color trends in a wide range of art and design categories.

You can save the color palette you want to use by taking a quick screenshot (press the power and home buttons at the same time on your iPad), then save them in an album in your Photos app. Now, I’m off to make some beautiful palettes!

Art Nouveau Illustrations on Your iPad in Procreate

Art Nouveau Illustrations on Your iPad in Procreate

I absolutely love everything Art Nouveau — the colors, the fluidity, the botanicals — so this class was a true labor of love! In the class, you’ll learn how to create three different kinds of Art Nouveau style illustrations on your iPad in Procreate. When you […]

15+ Free iPad Wallpapers

15+ Free iPad Wallpapers

Do you ever get tired of seeing the same ‘ol boring image on your iPad home screen? I change my iPad wallpaper about once per week because I love to be surrounded by whatever images are inspiring me at the moment. I spend wayyyy too […]

Collages on Your iPad in Procreate + 35 Stamp and Texture Brushes

Collages on Your iPad in Procreate + 35 Stamp and Texture Brushes

I started making collages as soon as I was old enough to hold scissors, and somehow I never grew out of it.  I love finding vintage images (and mixing in some of my own) on paper, but now that I’m making them in Procreate I’m beyond addicted.

In my new class on collages in Procreate, you’ll learn how to create unique collages in Procreate by combining vintage images, hand drawn elements, and layer effects.

When you watch this class, you’ll get all of the Procreate brushes I use to create my collages.  The set includes 25 stamps of flowers, insects, figures, and shapes, plus a set of 8 texture brushes for adding vintage patterns, fading, and scuffs to your collages.


First we’ll look at online resources for thousands of free vintage and modern images, and talk about how to choose the best photos for your project.  I’ll show you a ton of collage inspiration, so you’ll have plenty of ideas and resources to get you started.


Next we’ll turn an image of a figure into a unique composition combining modern and vintage photographs with bold color and surprising juxtapositions.  We’ll talk about how to cleanly cut out and adjust the photos so they seamlessly fit into your collage, rather than look like out-of-place cutouts.


Next we’ll create a layered collage combining figures, shapes, and textures, and talk about ways to play around with layer blending modes to create a multi-dimensional composition.  We’ll look at a few different options for creating color versions, so you can find a color palette that works best for your personal style. 


Then we’ll give a modern photograph a vintage look so we can incorporate it into a collage with other vintage elements.  That way you can get the exact pose you need, but still keep the vintage style in your collage.


Next we’ll combine vintage images and text in an eye catching composition that draws the viewer’s eye to the word or quote you choose.  We’ll look at how to add hand drawn elements to your collage, and how to use the gestures and poses in vintage images to create unique and interesting compositions.  Last we’ll turn the image into a GIF so it really stands out online.


The amazing thing about this process is that you can quickly create a beautiful composition using photos you find online, or your own family photos. 


You could use the collages you create on your website or social media accounts, you could upload them to print on demand sites, or you could print the collages out onto paper using a home printer or printing service.


I’ll show you how to find tons of images online, but if you have some of your own vintage photos, this is a perfect time to pull them out of the closet and scan them so you can integrate part of your family history into the collage!

All you need to take this class is your iPad and a stylus.  I’ll be using the Apple Pencil, but you could use any stylus, or even your finger.

Not ready to watch right now? Hover on this image to pin it for later:

Free Minimalist Digital Bullet Journal + 64 Stickers

Free Minimalist Digital Bullet Journal + 64 Stickers

While I love planners with an interesting border or background (like my last free planner here) sometimes I just need to simplify my life with some minimalist bullet journaling. My new planner has simple bullet points and an open layout that is easy to customize […]

Geometric Vector Illustration in Affinity Designer + 33 Geometric Vector Assets

Geometric Vector Illustration in Affinity Designer + 33 Geometric Vector Assets

There is something so satisfying about making perfect geometric shapes. Maybe it brings out my inner math nerd? I decided to create a class for all you other math nerds out there who feel frustrated that you can’t make things PERFECT in Procreate. (Am I […]

Society6 for iPad Artists and Designers

Society6 for iPad Artists and Designers

I have loved the concept of print on demand since I first heard the term in 2013. It took me a few years to actually start my own shop, but I looked on with jealousy as so many amazing artists and designers grew their shops on Spoonflower, Society6, and RedBubble.

In 2015 I finally started some shops of my own and over the years I’ve been tweaking my process and style. When I started moving my workflow from computer to iPad, my print on demand process became a whole new animal because of the image size limitations. Now that I’ve got my process down pat, I decided to create a class to show you my whole process from Procreate image to finished products and mockups.

In the class, you’ll learn how to create and fill your Society6 shop using your iPad.  Society6 is a print on demand site that allows artists around the world to upload their artwork and put it up for sale on a wide range of high quality products.

What I love about Society6 is that artists and designers don’t have to pay any fees to make their work for sale, and once you have the process down, it’s easy to add new work to your shop and share it with the world.


I create the work for my Society6 shop on my iPad, and upload it directly to my shop without using a computer at all. I want to show you my process for creating and uploading artwork for Society6 so that you can maximize the number of products you have for sale, and minimize the amount of time you spend uploading and resizing.


My goal for this class is to show you how easy it can be to add items to your shop, so that you can just focus on creating beautiful work and not have to worry so much about the technical details like image sizes and orientations!

First we’ll go through the basics of getting set up, making your shop look beautiful, and uploading your artwork.  I’ll show you a few different methods for creating high resolution images so that your work looks crisp and clean on the products.


Next we’ll look at a several orientations that you can use for your artwork.  I’ll share with you my cheat sheets for Society 6 products so you can quickly choose a size and orientation before starting a new project.


Next I’ll show you how I turn a repeat pattern into an image that fits on almost all Society6 products.  We’ll look at how I create and size my repeat block in Affinity Designer, and go through the whole process from exporting the image to applying it to products.


Last we’ll look at ways to turn your product images into beautiful mockups for your website or social media accounts.  I’ll show you how I use Procreate to create shadows and realistic backgrounds that will make your products stand out online.  


I’ll share with you 12 customizable wallpaper patterns that I created, and show you how to find and create patterns that match your personal style.

In the class we’ll use both Procreate and Affinity Designer, but you don’t have to have Affinity Designer to do the steps in the class.  Affinity allows you to create large images that fit on all Society6 products, whereas if you just use Procreate you will be limited to small to medium sized products.

The amazing thing about this process is you can immediately start offering your work for sale, and have a resource for beautiful product images to display your work.  Showing your work on products rather than just showing the images can help make your social presence as an artist or designer more professional.

I’ll share with you my template for social media images, so you can easily tailor your mockups to fit the image ratios for whatever social platforms you’re using.


If you’re looking for a way to start offering your work for sale, or just want to display product mockups online using only your iPad, this class will show you everything you need to know to get started.

Not ready to watch it now? Hover on the image below to Pin it for later.

Folk Art Style Illustration on Your iPad in Procreate

Folk Art Style Illustration on Your iPad in Procreate

I’ve gotten so many wonderful messages from iPad artists/designers around the world who love doing print on demand projects, but struggle to come up with ideas for images. So in my newest class I decided to center all the projects around print-on-demand friendly projects! In […]