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Every class I create is broken down into bite sized pieces so you can learn how to draw and design on your iPad by learning one little step at a time.  I design projects that anyone can create, and give tips that will help you develop your own style and process.

About Me

I’m an artist, designer, and teacher who loves sharing new techniques, tools, and methods.  I started my art career in sculpture and design, and earned an MFA (Master of Fine Arts) in 2013. Since then, I’ve been teaching around the world, online and in person.  I’ve taught everything from ceramics and sculpture to watercolor painting and drawing. Right now I’m obsessed with pushing the limits of painting and illustrating on my iPad, and helping hobbyists, artists, and designers develop their creative style.

Why iPads?

You know that feeling when you sit down in front of expensive watercolor or drawing paper and wonder if you’ll “mess it up” ? I know this feeling stops a lot of people from sitting down to create, which is why the iPad is a perfect companion for artists and designers.  When you work digitally, you don’t have to worry about wasting paper or making a stray mark. You can always step backwards, or create a new canvas at a moment’s notice, which allows you to forget about the preciousness of materials and let your creativity take the reins.  

For most of my art career I worked with clay and paper, and I still love working with traditional materials, but what I love about working on my iPad is that I can totally forget about wasting materials, and just create.

Another great aspect of working digitally, is that you can create anywhere.  In the car on a road trip, on a park bench, or sitting at a cafe with your favorite drink.  After lugging 25 lb. bags of clay around the studio for years, I absolutely love my “mobile studio” that I can take with me anywhere in the world!

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My Brushes & Downloads

I love to give away free brushes and downloads!  I create them specifically for the projects shown in my classes, but feel free to use them on other projects.  You can use the brushes and downloads I give away to create artwork for both personal and commercial use.  The only restriction is that I ask that you don’t sell or give away the brushes or downloads themselves.  Anything you create on your own device is fair game though!  Have more questions?  Send me a message below.

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